Works by Nolan W.


FXR "Tropez MX Jersey" mock up. 



"Apple Tee" designed, produced, photographed, and graphic design inspired by 90s Apple aesthetics. 


"Monday Blues Champion Anorak" Inspired by 90s Utah Jazz, and St Louis Blues jerseys.

Monday morning, a gloomy one indeed. A lighter cracks near a cigarette erupting in a comforting aroma. As he sets down his black coffee the individual finds himself depleted of all positivity from the reckless days prior. Yet from behind the wheel of a sedan, he smiles, ironically, as he catches a vibe to a blues guitar, wailing, that reminds him it's just another case of the Monday Blues.


"Hi Tech Fleece Cap" (Cut+Sew Piece) Tech Pack.

Abstract Graphic for Grahpic Design 1 Red River.




River City Suns movie style poster. Jerseys designed and produced by DBS CLO.



Logos for a hypothetical 2nd Winnipeg NHL team.


Tshirt graphic for a local Winnipeg rapper. Note the Winnipeg skyline in the back. 


Nike Air Force 1 sketch.


Floating Tommy Hil cap sketch.